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About Betty

Betty Ferreira is the founder of Goodcasting and ReStructure Consulting. As a Social Purpose Transformation Strategist and Keynote Speaker, Betty inspires leaders to adapt, prepare for, and create the future.

Betty’s purpose is to inspire government, corporations and nonprofits to adopt business models, values and mindsets that will accelerate a future of good for humanity.  

Betty provides speaking, training and consulting services for social purpose initiatives in the areas of:- financial and strategic transformation- business model transformation- digital and technological transformation- turnarounds, restructuring and mergers and amalgamations- risk management framework design and analysis

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About Betty on About


About Goodcasting


To Inspire and Accelerate a Future of Good for All

WHY Goodcasting

  • We have decades of experience in developing strategies to strengthen civil society

  • We get civil society, public benefit, social impact, social innovation and impact investing

  • We have expertise in financial, strategic and digital transformation

  • Betty is likely the pre-eminent go-to expert in nonprofit and charitable financial leadership

  • We are specialists in foresight, futurism, forecasting, human-centered design, finance, socioeconomic-modelling, data, statistics, business modelling, organizational transformation and change management


We work with:

  • Not-for-Profit Organizations

  • BCorporations

  • Government

  • Social Enterprises

  • Foundations

  • Corporations


  • We create strategies, products and services that have a social impact

  • We develop business models, transform organizations and mindsets

  • Betty trains organizations and individuals to use financial leadership, strategic transformation and foresight competencies and related skills

  • Betty speaks the signals and trends shaping our future

  • Betty speaks about technology mega-trends that are shaping our world and how they are impacting our ability to create a future of good for humanity

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