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Finance Leadership and Strategic Transformation 


1-on-1 Coaching for Executive Directors, COO's and Finance Staff

You set the agenda.


Completely customized to your needs.


Example: financial, HR and organizational restructuring and transformation, change management, budgeting, costing, reserve strategies, etc.

Yes! You can combine coaching with the online training program.

Coaching options include 60 and 90 minute sessions one or two times per month for a minimum of three months.


$$ - $$$


Financial Leadership Online Self-Paced Training: Annual Membership

Web-based training, self-paced, delivered by Betty Ferreira FCPA, FCMA.

Members: Finance leadership for Executive Directors, Finance Staff, COOs and Board Members.

Sessions will include: nonprofit business model, Audited Financial Statement analysis, budgeting and budget management, costing, reserve strategy development, financial reporting, risk management, impact investing, ratios and dashboards and so much more.


$ - $$


Financial Leadership Training with Live and self-paced sessions with Betty 

Web-based training, self-paced, plus live Q&A and coaching sessions with Betty Ferreira FCPA, FCMA. 

Members: Finance leadership for Executive Directors, Finance Staff, COOs and Board Members. 

This is a 4- month program consists of self-paced and live training, live group Q&A sessions with Betty as well as live focused training sessions with guest speakers and a Facebook support group.


You receive 24 month access to the self-paced sessions with your annual membership.


$ - $$

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