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Helping Organizations Through Times of Change 


We work collaboratively with clients to develop an organizational structure that is aligned with their needs and adaptable over time. Our HR consultants can also assist by providing cost-efficient recruiting (you don't pay us commission - just pay us for our time!), and by writing or updating job descriptions. You are busy, we get that, and we can help.  

Organizational Design & Restructuring


There are a variety of reasons an organization may want to revisit their organizational structure including:

  • growth in number of service-recipients accessing existing programs

  • growth in the number of programs offered

  • increased demands on existing staff positions due to changes in legislation, funder requirements

  • the implementation of a new strategic plan and corresponding changes in roles and responsibilities


We can assist you to assess your workforce needs and develop an organizational structure that is aligned with those needs and your budget!  We can also help by drafting job descriptions and assisting with recruiting.


Transformation Coaching

Coaching for Executive Directors and Board of Directors:

Professionals need coaching too.  Coaching provides Executive Directors and Board Members with the benefit of a steady hand, a third-party objective support system, and an experienced coach to help leaders navigate and steward the organization effectively through growth and through trying times. 

Change Management 
E = T X P
The effectiveness of a change effort (E) is equal to the quality of the technical solution (T) and people's acceptance of change (P).
Whatever your change management objectives are, we will work with you to develop a quality technical solution to assist your organization meet a change management objective.
Our strategies will engage your internal and external stakeholders to obtain their acceptance of change and encourage their active endorsement of the change effort. 
Examples of some change management efforts include:
  • organizational stability plan assessment and implementation
  • merger integration planning
  • program restructuring, downsizing, expansion or divestiture
  • merger or expansion feasibility assessments