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Learn the

Finance Essentials

ALL Nonprofit Leaders

Should Know

Finally! A Finance Course for the Nonprofit Leader

Learn the skills, strategies & tools you need to understand finance and to build effective financial strategies


Let’s talk about why you’re here > 

  • You want to know how to read and analyze financial statements, but you haven't been trained.

  • You wish you knew how to analyze your organization's   business model and optimize it, but you don't know where to start.

  • You don't want to live in fear that your Treasurer will ask you a question you don't know how to answer.

  • You wish you could develop a financial strategy, a strategy for   reserves and be able to develop a financial narrative that summarizes your organization's financial position, but you don't know how.

  • You want to be able to develop a strategy for the reserves but don't know how.

  • You want to use financial ratios and key performance indicators, but you don't know which ones or how to interpret the findings.

  • You want your Board to have more meaningful conversations about your organization's finances.

How would your work be different if you could:

  • Have the ability to read, understand, and analyze financial statements.

  • Have the ability analyze financials statements and communicate the financial strengths and vulnerabilities to the Board.

  • Have the knowledge on how to analyze the business model and develop a financial strategy for the organization.

  • Follow all of the best practices in budgeting, financial reporting, and business modelling.

  • Have conversations with your board that are more about financial stewardship than financial management.

  • Have a conversation with the Treasurer and Finance Committee where you teach THEM about nonprofit finance strategies.



Finance Masterclass for Nonprofit Leaders


Finally…a finance course for YOU!

What makes the

Finance Masterclass for Nonprofit Leaders different?


6-week program that you can consume in small increments throughout each week


Self-paced videos which are released every week of the 8 weeks


One 1-on-1 coaching session with the course leader, Betty Ferreira, FCPA, FCMA


Eight online group coaching sessions during the 8-week program


One year access to all course materials


25 takeaway tools including templates, checklists and guides


No travel or hotel costs! You can take the course anywhere and anytime. All you need is internet


Not only do you receive the fundamentals of finance for nonprofit leaders but also 10 additional months of the community finance leaders’ membership program with monthly group coaching sessions and additional tools


Graduates will receive a certificate that we are working to establish as "THE" finance leadership standard in Canada!


Specifically designed for you...the nonprofit leader. Most of my students are CEO/Executive Director, Director of Operations, Finance Director


We also offer this program for groups including associations and networks in private online virtual platforms. Email me


By the end of this program, you’ll learn:

  • Best practices in financial reporting and analysis.

  • How to read and analyze financial statements, including  audited financial statements .

  • How to write a financial narrative report to summarize the financial performance of the organization.

  • The essentials in Accounting Standards for Not-for-Profit Organizations (ASNPO).

  • How to analyze your organization's business model.

  • The essentials of cash flow management strategies.

  • How to develop a strategy for your reserves.

  • How to develop scenario plans.

  • Which financial ratios and key performance indicators (KPI’s) are appropriate to use.

  • Best practices in budgeting and costing.

  • Roles of the Board and the Finance Committee in finance leadership


...if you felt confident and knowledgeable about nonprofit finance.


…if your organization’s financial reports promoted discussions that were more meaningful and impactful.


…if you could read financial statements and produce narrative analysis that would knock the socks off your Treasurer and Board.


...if you could direct the financial committee to provide value in analyzing and strengthening your organization's business model.


...if you and the Finance and Audit Committee could develop impactful financial strategies.


…if you knew all of the finance leadership best practices for nonprofit leaders.


…if you had access to finance experts and all of the most needed finance strategies, tools, tips, templates.


Here’s what’s inside:



Week Course



Months Access

to the finance leaders membership program with MONTHLY webinars and live Q&A sessions




including templates,

checklists, guides


Hours of


1 private coaching session (1 hour)
plus 8 90 minute Q&A group sessions


A webinar on “Governance Finance: The Role of the Board and CEO in Finance Leadership" that you can share with your Board at anytime


After each module is completed you will unlock access to other webinars with experts and other tools and guides


Upon the completion of the 8-week program you will have access to a private members group which will provide you with additional value including: One live “Ask the Expert” Q&A session per month and additional tools, resources, guides from national and international experts

…plus these bonuses! 


My Name is

Betty Ferreira FCPA, FCMA

I’m a former nonprofit Executive Director now consultant and designated accountant. I've been where you are now. I used to sit in fear during Board meetings that the Treasurer would ask me a question I didn't have the answer to.  


Now I teach nonprofit finance to Treasurers and Nonprofit Organizations of every size across Canada. Financial leadership is based on logic and strategy, not calculus or physics.  If I could "get" finance, you can too.

The Finance Masterclass for Nonprofit Leaders is perfect for...


Small to large nonprofit and charitable organizations: We'll make sure you have the foundation, strategies and tools to strengthen the financial leadership of your organization.


Nonprofit and Charity CEOs, Executive Directors, Directors of Operations, and Finance Managers: You don’t need to have any finance training at all. This is not a course in accounting (phew!) – it’s a course in financial leadership and as such it is oriented to non-finance and finance leadership positions.


Exclusively for you: This masterclass membership program is exclusive only to nonprofit leaders that are using the training to strengthen the financial strategies, processes and practices of the nonprofit organization they work for.


Believers: Our members believe that they can become finance leaders and are looking forward to getting the training and tools and templates to help them accelerate their learning and become confident and knowledgeable.


Action-Takers: Our members commit to their learning goals and stay accountable, even when it means stretching their comfort zone. Our members make time to take the weekly training courses and aren't afraid of showing up to a group coaching session and asking a stupid question because they know that there is no such thing as a stupid question…


Open to Personal Growth: It's true that finance leadership will feel like personal growth, because it is. Our members want the practical strategies and knowledge to help create resilient organizational strategies, but they are also eager to expand their inner work and their mindsets about their potential.


Happy: Our members are happy…no, they are thrilled that someone like them developed a finance leadership specifically for them and can't wait to get started


Does the Finance Masterclass for Nonprofit Leaders come with a guarantee?

I will not be issuing refunds for this course because I will pre-qualify you on a phone call to ensure this course is a good fit for you.  Seats are limited for this course and I want to ensure that everyone who attends is a good fit.


On the qualification call, we will go through the requirements to ensure you qualify and can devote enough time to complete the course and do the work.


Together, we will discuss your goals for finance leadership and develop a learning journey for you.

Don’t let another year go by without investing in YOU and your finance leadership skills

You know that you want to harness the finance leadership skills but you've been putting off investing in yourself and there just wasn't any training opportunity before that was specifically for nonprofit leaders

Not to mention that you're feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and maybe even burn out from trying to develop finance strategies all by yourself.


Maybe you have taken an accounting course and felt that you were a square peg in a round hole. The course you took was for for-profit companies and you thought that it might be the same for nonprofit organizations and then realized that it is not the same.


Maybe you were placed in a leadership role or a finance position without enough training in finance.


Maybe you have sacrificed professional development dollars for program staff and now realize that you need professional development too!


Maybe you thought you could leave it to the Director of Finance to figure out for you…


Maybe you've been trying to avoid any kind of training that resembles math because you didn't do well in math when you were in school (join the club by the way, that's how I felt!)


Most of my finance masterclass members want to:

But most of all, they want to know where their blind spots are and understand what they need to know in order to strengthen financial leadership of their organizations while feeling less anxious and insecure.

  • Have the knowledge and skills to understand nonprofit finance.

  • Want to be taught to learn how to fish rather than just be given a fish. They know that consultants can only do so much, our members want to understand finance leadership so that they can be financial leaders.

  • Want to know the best practices and gain the skills required to steward their organizations toward resilience and strength.

  • Strengthen discussions on finance at the Board level.

  • Be able to confidently answer the finance related questions from the Treasurer, Finance Committee and Board of Directors and steward the board to creating effective finance strategies.

  • Create finance systems, practices and processes that will be effective and efficient.

So, what's stopping you from strengthening your nonprofit finance skills?


Well, never before has there been a finance masterclass membership program like this one. This course is designed specifically for the nonprofit leader and provides you with a 6-week self-paced program, with weekly coaching plus another 10 months of finance leadership help including monthly group coaching, monthly tools such as templates and guides, and webinars!


And…I think that we sometimes have limiting beliefs about ourselves, the imposter syndrome creeps up, our busy schedules put the decision off and we're not sure if we are confident about stepping into a role that might require a little transformation…


But the biggest thing I've discovered (and experienced myself) that makes this learning possible is shedding the limiting beliefs and identities that we may not have realized that we were clinging to and realizing that "yes you can"…  You CAN do this. And I will help you.


As a nonprofit leader, your job is to come up with, or contribute to, strategies to strengthen the resilience of the nonprofit organization. How can you do that if you don't know what you don’t know? This program will stretch your mind, but you can do it!


This is why I believe so deeply in having a coach, guide or mentor who has done it herself and who has helped others do it too.


I know that you are busy, and I know that traditional courses aren't cutting the mustard. That’s why I have designed this program with you in mind. You can take the 6-week video-portion of the course anytime of the day and from anywhere as long as you have internet. You can access those videos anytime for up to 2 years after that so you can always go back to strengthen your knowledge in any of the key areas. AND you have a whole year’s worth of monthly coaching and ADDITIONAL templates, tools, resources to help you hit the ground running.


I know that you've put off investing in yourself for too long.


I know that your job is important, you are important, and that the organization you work for is important to the community.  


That’s exactly why I created the Finance Masterclass for Nonprofit Leaders.


I made this course for you.



“Betty has a genuine passion for helping leaders work better and more effectively to everyone's benefit. She has the rare ability of connecting technical information with strategy in a clear and systematic way that engages and orients leaders. I don’t like to overuse the word incredible but she is incredibly good at what she does!”


Former President & CEO Philanthropic Foundations Canada


“Betty's training was a dream come true. When I first heard her speak, I realized I would never miss another opportunity to hear her. It was worth every penny. It wasn’t an expense it was an investment. Hearing her speak completely changed me and it gave me the assurance that my work is important.  When she speaks, no one is bored. She just has a way...”


Our Children, Our Future


I'm ready.  Are you?

Space is limited to 15 people per cohort.

  • Learn the finance essentials ALL nonprofit leaders should know

  • Finally!  A finance course for the Nonprofit Leader

  • Learn the skills, strategies & tools you need to understand finance and to build effective financial strategies

  • If you're ready to take your finance leadership skills to the next level, fill out the application below

  • If it seems like you'd be a good fit, I'll reach out to set up a one-on-one interview together.  I'll answer all of your questions to help you decide if this is the best step for you right now.

The Finance Masterclass for Nonprofit Leaders and Membership Program is only offered twice a year.


NOTE: Submitting your application does NOT obligate you to join the Finance Masterclass for Nonprofit Leaders program or guarantee you a spot.  It's just the first step in exploring this option for you together. Once you submit your application you can expect to hear back from me or my team within a few business days.

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